The Hidden Epidemic

In the Chicago Western suburbs in July, 2013, DuPage County saw 11 people fatally overdose on heroin. The youngest was a 15-year-old Johnny Dudek.

HeroinThe Heroin Highway

The “heroin highway” comes to the distribution centers of Chicago through I-88, the Reagan Expressway, from Mexico. “Mexican Brown” heroin is inexpensive and lethal – one and done. DuPage County, Illinois is on that highway.

Few Repercussions

The seller, Nolan McMahon received a slap on the wrist of a bit over 6 years in a plea deal with the prosecutors, considering time served. He may get two years from that depending on his prison record.

An Unexpected Crime Scene

This middle-class conservative area is like many suburbs of Chicago: they do not want the public to know about the disease. Schools do not want a reputation, nor do people want their housing values affected.

Until we face this openly, the situation will continue. I’ve written prior blogs about the hidden epidemic in Chicago because this is not just an inner city issue, as perceived by many.

Let Us Help

If you are a parent, teacher or or concerned relative you should know that ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village and ARCpoint Labs of Chicago Loop can help. We can provide confidential drug screening services. We can conduct these tests without a doctor’s order and they can be done on a random basis. This helps to prevent drug usage or catch them at their earliest phase. Our tests can detect immediate drug usage and usage as far back as 3 months.  Please visit to learn more or call ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village at (847) 264-4677 or ARCpoint Labs of Chicago Loop at (773) 644-5520.

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