ARCpoint Labs and Minnie Minoso When it Was a Game

Chicago White Sox and all of Chicago mourns the death of “Orestes” Minnie Minoso. (Funny that the papers never use his real name even though the announcers did in the 50’s. )

As you can read, before corked bats, before steroids and illegal performance enhancing drugs, players played for the love of the game. Minnie played in 5 decades of ball and was the first black Latino (Cuban) to play in the major leagues, and the first Afro American to play in Chicago.

Chicago White SoxSo where does ARCpoint Labs come into this picture? Lesly Datlow, one of the franchisee owners of ARC point Labs of Chicago, grew up with Minnie as her neighbor. Growing up in a Chicago hi-rise is quite impersonal, and often you never know your neighbors. Minnie lived in the building during and after the 1960s, and Lesly and Minnie would greet each other. Not to say that they were close friends but we can confirm first hand that Minnie was a genuine person as reported- and that the articles about him are not simply “feel good”.

Lesly was a lifeguard at the pool for a year in that building. Lesly  never knew Minnie Minoso and was probably the worse for it. It was an age of “good kids”, they worked, went to baseball games for $.50 and played sports. No drugs to speak of; they were there, but no one Lesly knew was involved.

Lesly’s step father was an avid baseball fan. He gave Minnie a record about football and Minnie would say, “football, I don’t know….” Years later, Saturday Night Live did a skit with a Latino baseball player character that said the same thing.

So, the point of all of this is that the truth is in the eulogies that we were dealing with a very real person.

ARCpoint Labs of Chicago: Your Drug Testing Center

Drugs are more prevalent than ever, in sports and in the “real world.” Consider testing in a private setting with accurate results. Contact ARCpoint Labs of Chicago Loop or Elk Grove Village (847) 264-4677 or (773) 644-5520 to learn more about our drug testing services or visit

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