Spring is Here: How Can Allergy Testing Help?

Although winter has kept an icy grip on Elk Grove Village this year, spring officially arrived on March 20 — which means that allergy season is just around the corner.

Despite causing plenty of headaches, the lingering winter weather has helped delay the start of the area’s allergy season. But the cold temperatures and heavy snowfall also have a downside when it comes to allergies, experts say — as the ground thaws and snow packs melt, excess moisture increases mold and pollen counts.

If you suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies, now is the time to get allergy testing! Learn more about the process and how it can help.

Allergy Testing: How and Why

Why Get Allergy Testing?

Elk Grove Village | Allergy TestingThere are countless environmental and seasonal allergens that could be affecting your wellness. Why suffer through another year of allergies with medications that aren’t actually targeting the irritants causing your reaction? With allergy testing, you can pinpoint the exact environmental inhalants that are affecting your system, meaning you and your health professional can develop a tailored allergy management program that actually works for you.

Furthermore, allergy testing involves more than just inhalants. Food allergies and insensitivities could be the root of unexplained illnesses or discomforts. Allergy testing can help you uncover what’s been disrupting your system, allowing for better treatment and improved overall wellness.

How Does Allergy Testing Work?

Many people think of the allergy skin prick procedure when they think of allergy testing. But there’s no need to be pricked 40+ times for up to an hour — your reaction to allergens can be determined by a simple blood test. Your blood can be used to determine your allergy, sensitivity, or intolerance to a range of environmental or food allergens. The allergy testing process at ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village is quick and simple, and results will be back to you within days. You don’t even need an appointment — just walk in to our clean, comfortable facility to start your allergy testing!

Don’t delay — get your allergy testing done today before allergy season returns with a vengeance. To learn more about our allergy testing services, call ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village at (847) 264-4677.

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