Reasons Why Your Drug Testing Policy Might Not Be Working

So you’ve implemented a drug testing policy in your workplace. It’s a big step, and it’s a good thing that you’ve made the move to improve the safety, productivity, and financial stability of your company.

Yet the mere existence of your drug testing policy doesn’t mean you’re free and clear when it comes to your drug-free workplace program. Sometimes, a drug testing policy — even one that seems well-thought out — doesn’t prove as effective as you hoped.

If you suspect that your drug testing policy isn’t working out, you need to find the root of the problem and make necessary adjustments. Here are some reasons why your drug testing policy may be failing you.

Why Your Drug Testing Policy Might Not Be Working

There’s No Focus on Employee Education

A company drug testing policy can’t just be about the logistics of the actual drug testing — it should also involve employee education. You can reinforce the policy by providing your workers with information on the perils of drug and alcohol addiction and the affect that substance abuse has on the workplace, including on-site injuries, higher health care costs, decreased productivity, and monetary losses. For your drug testing policy to be effective, your workers must understand how and why the program is in place.

It’s Not Compliant With State or Federal LawsReasons Why Your Drug Testing Policy Might Not Be Working

Your drug testing policy is definitely not working if it doesn’t follow applicable state and federal laws. You could get into a lot of legal trouble if you aren’t sticking to the established guidelines, so it’s key to make sure you always stay up-to-date with the latest regulations.

It’s Not Tailored to Your Needs, Workers, & Region

Even if your drug testing policy is air tight in terms of legal concerns and employee education, it can still fail if it’s not adequately tailored to the needs of your specific company, employees, and location. Consider having your employees submit anonymous, self-reported information about their substance use, then base your drug testing off of those results. Be sure to consider your employee’s age, as this also affects what sort of substances they may be using.

You can also analyze the results of past drug testing to see what substances most frequently made an appearance in the screening. Plus, you should consider what drugs are most popular and available in your region. If prescription drug abuse is a big concern in your metropolitan area, be sure that your drug testing includes prescribed medications. If synthetic drugs are popular in your region, include that on your drug testing panels. A one-size fits all drug testing program won’t work for your business.

Get Help With Your Drug Testing Policy

When your drug testing policy needs revamping, ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village can help. We can evaluate your company’s drug testing needs, help create your custom drug testing policy, and aid in policy implementation, including management training.

Don’t delay when it comes to developing or revising your drug testing policy — call (847) 264-4677 today!

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