What are the DOT Drug Testing Guidelines?

Do you work in the transportation industry? If so, you have probably at least heard of DOT drug testing guidelines.

Established by the United States Department of Transporation – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, DOT drug testing requirements apply to certain organizations involved in transportation. The federal regulations were created to ensure the safety of employees, passengers, and other drivers.

Whether or not your company or position falls under DOT drug testing guidelines depends on the specific job function, which is why it’s key to understand the particulars of the requirements. Don’t worry — ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village is here to outline the basics of DOT drug testing guidelines.

DOT Drug Testing Requirements: The Basics

What are the DOT drug testing guidelines?

According to the DOT drug testing requirements, certain employees in “safety-sensitive” positions (see more details below) are required to participate in random alcohol and drug testing. Each year, the minimum annual percentage rate of random alcohol testing should be 10% of the average number of driver positions, while the minimum annual percentage rate for controlled substances testing should be 50% of the average number of driver positions.

There are strict guidelines that must be followed in DOT drug testing, including regulations that govern the following:

  • Collection of urine samples, including when, where, and how urine specimens are collected
  • Lab processes, including what equipment, supplies, and forms can be used in specimen collection
  • Reporting procedures, including the use of medical review officers and verification processes
  • How final results are recorded, including guidelines for keeping information confidential and releasing information to appropriate parties.

Do DOT drug testing guidelines apply to your company?

ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village | What are the DOT Drug Testing Guidelines.jpgIf any of the following applies to your company or your specific job function, then the DOT drug testing guidelines apply to you:

  • Your company has vehicles whose gross weight ratings are 26,001 + lbs
  • Your company has vehicles designed for transporting 16+ passengers (count includes the driver)
  • Your company has vehicles that are used to transport hazardous materials as specified under FMCSA’s Hazardous Materials Regulations
  • You perform (or may be asked to perform) tasks that the DOT defines as “safety-sensitive,” including driving trucks, steering trains, repairing airplanes, or building pipelines.

Need Help Navigating DOT Drug Testing Requirements?

If your company needs help complying with DOT drug testing guidelines, partner with ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village, a facility fully-certified by the Department of Health and Human Services. We provide DOT drug testing services, including random name generation to ensure DOT compliance and prevent claims of discrimination.

With ARCpoint Labs, you can schedule DOT drug testing that fits your needs (annual, quarterly, or monthly testing, plus adjusted to fit the required percentage of your work force). Furthermore, our location is a comprehensive Third Party Provider of DOT drug testing urine collection. Not only can we collect specimens for DOT drug testing at our local facility, but we can also provide convenient on-site DOT collections with our mobile testing services.

We’ll handle all the logistics of your DOT drug testing so that you can stay confident in the safety and legal compliance of your company.

If you want accurate, compliant DOT drug testing for your business near Elk Grove Village, IL, call ARCpoint Labs today at (847) 264-4677.

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