How to Set Up an Effective Workplace Wellness Program

In our last post, we established the value of workplace wellness programs for your business. While it’s true that focusing on health and wellness in the workplace can reduce absenteeism, improve employee productivity, cut health care costs, and help you land and retain high-quality employees, your workplace wellness program will only yield these benefits if it’s an effective program in the first place.

ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village is a leader in developing and implementing workplace wellness programs, so we understand the components needed for your wellness programs to succeed.

Tips for Creating a Successful Workplace Wellness Program

Cater to Your Employee’s Needs

Your employees are all different, so their health and wellness needs will differ, too. It’s key that you design your workplace wellness program around your workers so that the information and services you provide are actually relevant to them. For your workplace wellness program to have an impact, you should be addressing real health concerns.

One great way to ensure that your workplace wellness program does this? Survey your employees to see what medical conditions they suffer from or what they’re worried or confused about when it comes to their health. Use this feedback when choosing workplace wellness programming.

Include Disease-Management

Although your employees’ needs should be at the forefront of your workplace wellness program, you should also be sure it includes a disease-management component. A recent study found that workplace wellness programs including this component were more effective than those without disease-management programming, yielding a $136 decrease in costs per month and a 29% drop in hospital stays. Want your workplace wellness program to work? Be sure it involves disease-management.

Commit to Wellness From the Top Down

Without a top-down commitment, your workplace wellness program won’t succeed. Make sure all of your executives, managers, and supervisors are on board with your workplace wellness program: this includes understanding why it is important, learning all the details of the program, and knowing how it will be implemented. If you need help with training your managerial team, the certified wellness coaches ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village can provide expert assistance.

Start Your Workplace Wellness Program Today

ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village is committed to the success of your workplace wellness program. For more assistance with workplace wellness programs or to learn how can help you, call (847) 264-4677 today!

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