Holidays & Winter Allergies

Winter AllergiesWhile most allergy and asthma sufferers find that many of the outdoor spring & summer allergens have disappeared for the year, winter brings new allergen triggers of its own. Spending more time indoors and at holiday gatherings simply introduces more contact with other allergens.

Christmas Food Allergies

Many of our holiday events and gatherings are closely tied to food. From whipping together festive treats to attending big family dinners, we tend to experience a lot of eating around the holidays. If you have any food allergies, these gatherings can serve up some sniffles. Don’t be afraid to ask your family chefs about the ingredients they used to prepare each dish.

What are some other holiday allergen triggers?

Is your Christmas tree making you sneeze? Most likely, you’re not allergic to the tree itself. However, the fragrance might cause a few irritations. Don’t forget that a real Christmas tree is going to be the home of microscopic mold spores that can trigger your asthma or allergies. Try switching to an artificial tree and see if that helps.

Aerosol decorations can trigger your asthma. You should steer clear of using artificial snow sprays. When inhaled, these can irritate the lungs and bring on a case of asthma related symptoms.

Increased reaction to pet allergies. Most people are able to build up a tolerance to their own pet. However, if you travel away from home for a few days on the holidays, you might notice allergy or asthma symptoms when you return home.

Don’t forget that increased stress can result in asthma attacks. The chemicals that your body releases when you become overly stressed can cause tightening of the muscles around your airways, making it more difficult to breathe. Try to stay calm during the holidays and don’t let the stress of cooking for your entire family get you down.

To find out how we can better serve you this holiday season, call ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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