Drug & Alcohol Warning Signs

drug testingAre you worried that your teen or other loved one might have a drug or alcohol problem? Here are some of the patterns and warning signs you should be looking for.

Drug & Alcohol Warning Signs

Hard Drug Use

Hard drugs tend to be the most dangerous in both their affect on a person’s health and behavior. These drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine, also come with the high risk of addiction. While some people claim to use these drugs on a recreational basis, the addiction can actually set in after only one use. Warning signs that a person has moved to using hard drugs can include extreme-risk behavior patterns and isolation from friends and family.

Frequent Drug Use

Drug addiction is not simply defined by a high frequency of drug use. Just as some people who are addicted to alcohol only participate in binge drinking on weekends, the same can go for drug addiction. A person who only takes drugs on the weekend is still addicted. They have just not progressed in the level of addiction where it becomes a daily habit. If you notice this weekend pattern you should take action now and not later.

Solitary Drug Use

A person who is using drugs or alcohol when alone can either be already addicted or on the path to becoming an addict. Studies have shown that teens who use drugs, alcohol and cigarettes when alone are more likely to experience drug addiction problems as adults. Studies have also shown that teens with lower grades and those who frequently engage in violent behavior have experimented with drugs or alcohol. This solitary drug use was seen beginning at an 8th grade level.

Escapist Drug Use

Drugs and alcohol are known by many as a means of escape from the pressures of life. Those who suffer from low self-esteem, depression, stress or anxiety are at higher risk of  becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. Research has also shown that this risk also increase with teens who use drugs to deal with boredom. Studies have concluded that bored teens can be up to 50 percent more likely to use drugs than other teens.

If you are worried about a loved one and looking for teen drug testing or have any other concerns, contact ARCpoint Lab of Elk Grove Village about our professional drug testing.

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