How To Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

How To Avoid Getting Sick This WinterWinter is just around the corner and people are already starting to catch cold. Here are some great ways you can prevent yourself from getting sick in the winter.

How To Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

Don’t Cover Your Mouth When You Cough

Cover your mouth when you cough. We all grew up hearing that line from our parents. However, they weren’t completely right. You should never cover your mouth with your hand when you sneeze or cough. That simply spreads germs all over your hands, where you can now spread them to other people through everything you touch. If you feel a sneeze or cough coming on, use your arm or a tissue.

Wash Your Hands Often

According to the US Naval Health Research Center, washing your hands on average of 5 times each day can reduce your chances of getting a respiratory illnesses by 45%. Keep in mind that we use our hands all day long to interact with an enormous number of objects and other people. Keeping your hands clean will reduce the spreading of germs.

Public Restrooms

It’s amazing how many people don’t take the time to wash their hands after using a public restroom. The scary part is that all of those people grab the door handle on their way out. That’s the same door handle you’re about to grab. Before you leave the restroom, wash your hands and then use a paper towel to touch anything such as sink handles, the button on the hand dryer or the door handle.

Get A Yearly Flu Shot

The best way to prevent yourself from catching influenza is to get an annual vaccination against it. This vaccine is very important, especially for healthcare workers, people with asthma, diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, people over 65 and pregnant women. If your immune system is weakened through medication or illness, you should ask your family doctor about getting a flu shot.

Get a Humidifier

Cold viruses thrive in dry air. This is one reason why it’s so common for people to catch colds in the winter. Your throat and nose are more susceptible to irritation when your mucous membranes have dried out. Solve this problem by using a humidifier. You should make sure to use fresh water in the humidifier each day and clean it twice a week.

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