Holiday Office Party Safety

It’s that time of year again — the time when coworkers put in vacation day requests and prepare for potentially awkward holiday office parties.

The holiday season brings energy and joy — but with that excitement usually comes stress. Stress is especially high revolving around holiday parties. Both the office party planners and employees can feel tension at this time of year.

office holiday party


Calm your nerves by preparing for your office holiday party. Here’s what you need to know to keep your office party safe and make it a success.


Office Holiday Party Planning

You need to consider several safety factors as you plan your office holiday party. Check with human resources for any party policies.

To avoid liability issues, you’ll need to think about the role alcohol will play at the company holiday party. Make sure that the party details regarding alcohol are communicated clearly to all employees. You don’t want a party to spark any

  • Remind employees about substances and conduct policies
  • If you’ll serve alcohol, only use professional bartenders
  • Choose heavy foods and appetizers throughout the night
  • Limit the number of drinks employees can have by using drink tickets or a cash bar
  • Plan for designated drivers or have taxis or public transportation available in case employees need a ride home
  • Stop serving alcohol well before the office holiday party is over

Office Holiday Party Activities

You don’t have to rely on alcohol to keep the party going. There are plenty of opportunities to throw a memorable office holiday party without major safety risks.

Consider alternative office holiday parties. Some organizations reinforce their corporate culture by hosting a holiday volunteer day for employees. They may spend time volunteering at a local charity and host a reception or meal afterward.

Other companies choose to throw a holiday office party after the busiest part of the season. Planning a party for after the new year may relieve stress for many employees and keep the office holiday party safe and enjoyable.



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