Prescription Drugs: Signs of Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem that will not rest. News stories about teens and adults stuck in prescription drug addiction are all too common. We hear about teens sneaking drugs from family members, adults misusing the medical system to obtain extra pills, and addictions that remain secret for years.

Since the problem is persistent, knowing the signs of prescription drug abuse is growing more important every day. The signs are often hard to detect, and they can vary widely between individuals depending on the type of drug abused. However, we can identify several common signs of prescription drug abuse. As always, these signs may or may not be present in an individual who is abusing prescription drugs.

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

prescription drug abuse

  • Opioids
  • Sedatives
  • Amphetamines
  • Morphine

Signs and Symptoms of Prescription Drug Abuse

Gaming the System

People find every avenue to get the prescription drug they’re craving. When addiction or abuse has taken hold, people will make every excuse imaginable to obtain more drugs from their doctor. They’ll visit multiple doctors and pharmacies, lie about losing their prescription, and feign illness. This habit is centered on deception.

Finding Alternatives

If people can’t get enough medicine from their doctor, they often look to other sources. They may ask friends and relatives for prescription drugs — but they may steal the pills as well. Street dealers also sell prescription drugs. A friend or family member who is purchasing prescription drugs from street vendors may suddenly ask for money or drive up their debt in order to pay for the drugs.

Work Trouble

When taken in large doses, prescription drugs leave most people significantly impaired. This often makes it hard for the addicted to complete their job — or even be present for work. People may miss deadlines, be involved in accidents or start arguments with coworkers. A change in typical behavior at work is common for many people abusing prescription drugs.

Personality Changes

Prescription drug abuse may cause significant changes in an individual’s mood, communication habits and behavior. They may become agitated and restless, while others may suddenly display drastic mood swings. Many people battling prescription drug abuse withdraw from family events, demand privacy and spend more time in isolation.

Prescription Drug Abuse Signs: What Next?

These are some of the possible signs of prescription drug abuse. Remember that all people display different signs. Behavior may be a good indication of a problem, but only drug testing will give you accurate results. For employers, the signs of prescription drug abuse are not enough — they must use testing. Contact ARCpoint Lab of Elk Grove Village if you’re in need of drug testing.

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