What You Should Know About Employee Drug Testing

Drug TestingDrug abuse has been one of the major worries for many employers in the recent past. This is the reason many employers have embarked on employee drug testing to be certain that their workforce is free from drugs. As an employer, it is important to understand that employee drug-use has an effect on all types of businesses regardless of the size of the business.

Failing to carry out employee drug testing in your company could end up being a costly affair that will greatly affect the performance and growth of your business. It is estimated that you can lose about $9000 to $21,000 annually on a single employee who abuses drugs. Besides that considerable amount, you are also likely to face varied cases from time to time such as frequent absenteeism, high rates of accident, increased healthcare costs as well as need to employ an internal drug attendant as part of your workforce. This will eventually become very expensive and could greatly compromise the growth of your business as well as service delivery.

Benefits of Employee Drug Testing

Improves employee productivity

Many researchers and reliable studies have shown that employees who abuse drugs are less productive because they will be physically and mentally impaired due to drug abuse. Such employees are also vulnerable to numerous ailments as well as injuries and such factors in most cases, have a direct effect on the employee’s performance. When you devise drug testing programs for your employees, you will be able to identify workers who are abusing drugs and replace them with those that are healthy. This will ultimately enhance the general productivity and growth of your business.

Reduces liability claims

It is vital to understand that employees who abuse drugs are more prone to filing for worker’s compensation claims. When this happens, it causes further financial burden on your business. Therefore, the ideal way to get rid of such cases is by conducting employee drug testing which will help out in identifying the drug abusers and keeping them from the company or business unit.

Enhances safety and wellbeing of the workplace

In most cases, employees who work under the influence of a particular drug are highly susceptible to job-related accidents because drug abuse is common with causing loss of balance, reduced alertness, short-term memory issues and impaired thinking. All these aspects can not only make the employees hurt themselves but they can also harm other colleagues and even clients. Employees who use drugs can be aggressive and hostile and the best way to eliminate such employees is by performing the drug test. This will help you to create a safe workplace environment.

Prevents repetitional risks

The reputation of your brand or business can be damaged or built by your employees. This is because they play a critical role of portraying the image of your business to the outside world. When they misbehave as result of drug abuse, they will convey a bad or negative message to existing and potential clients. Conducting employee drug testing will enable you to have professional workers who will help in branding your business.

At ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village, we are more than happy to answer any questions or provide your business with more information about employee drug testing.

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