Dangerous Alcoholic Drinks

Dangerous Alcoholic DrinksYour drink doesn’t have to be bursting into flames for it to be dangerous to your body. Although, it’s not uncommon for an ER department to receive the occasional burn patient who tried to down a flaming shot without blowing it out first. Below you will find 3 more common drinks that can prove to be extremely dangerous.

Top 3 Dangerous Alcoholic Drinks

Jack and Diet Coke

This has been a long-standing popular drink. What most people fail to realize is that mixing hard liquor with diet soda is a dangerous combination. While it’s true that sugar can slow down the absorption of alcohol in our bodies, the artificial sweeteners found in diet soda will actually ease the alcohol into your small intestine. By adding the diet soda you are going to experience blood alcohol concentrations that are 18% higher than if you were drinking straight hard liquor.

Red Bull/Vodka

Another highly popular drink is the Red Bull & Vodka. A highly caffeinated energy drink such as Red Bull will offset the sedative in alcohol. This allows you to consume large quantities of Red Bull & Vodka without feeling like you’re about to fall on your face. Which is exactly why it has become so popular. The problem is, regardless of how you feel, your motor skills and ability to make rational decisions is still heavily impaired by the Vodka, making you more likely to attempt driving or take part in other dangerous activities while intoxicated.

Brown Booze

It’s common for liquor to contain congeners, a natural yet subtly toxic byproduct produced in the fermenting process. Most distilled liquors contain these congeners. However, you will find that dark liquors such as whiskey and bourbon are filled to the brim with them. In fact they contain about 30 times as many congeners compared to clear liquor such as vodka and gin. Something that is definitely not good for you to slam back all night and will most likely result in an extremely huge hangover in the morning.

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6 Responses to Dangerous Alcoholic Drinks

  1. Wow. I knew vodka-RedBull was dangerous, and all alcohol can be dangerous, but I had no idea that darker liquors and diet soda did so much bad compared to clear liquors and regular soda. Very interesting.

  2. I had no idea that diet sodas can have that much of an affect on alcohol. That’s nice to know.

  3. I’ve had a ton of complaints from people who regularly drink red bull and vodka. I’d stay completely away from drinks like that.

  4. Heath Norton says:

    At some point alcohol all makes us do things we wish we hadn’t. These drink concoctions sound more like trouble than a good drink choice.

  5. I wasn’t sure just how bad some of these concoctions really are, and it’s apparent it’s not joking matter.

  6. Mike Kirk says:

    Interesting that brown booze has such adverse effects. Good information to know, thanks

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