Teenagers and Their Poor Decisions

Let’s face it, teenagers don’t always make the best decisions. Some parents may argue that their teenagers rarely make even good ones. It used to be that some things these kids did weren’t very good ideas but rarely did they end up having profound impacts on their lives.

Teenagers and Social Media Mistakes Bigstock- 20925394 - Teenage Girl On Laptop

Take social media for example. There has been much discussion on the very real trend of sexting. In our interconnected world one embarrassing picture sent via the internet can create much anguish in the life of teen. But we have one more danger to be aware of and not many parents even know it exists. I’m talking about the Silk Road. This is an online market place where people can buy almost any type of drug. That’s right…. Any drug. You won’t find it with google or yahoo. It takes some internet savvy to find it. But let’s face it, who is the most tech savvy in most homes? So now we find teens not only buying illegal drugs online, but taking pictures of themselves with those drugs and posting them to social media sites. Now to say this is a dumb idea is an understatment.

As most adults with fully developed and matured brains will attest. That’s why we need to intervene in our childrens’ lives so these types of things don’t happen. It’s this sort of behavior that follows young people around their entire lives. Putting in jeopardy future college plans, job opportunities and so on.

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1 Response to Teenagers and Their Poor Decisions

  1. Mary Brady says:

    I hope that teens aren’t making so many bad decisions, but recent times seem to declare otherwise. With the silk road down, hopefully they will be able to stop the other covert trafficking websites.

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