Signs That Your Teen is Using Drugs

Teen Drug UseFor the average modern family, teen drug use is a challenge they are most likely to face. Drugs are easily accessible to teens and it is essential for parents to monitor the behavior of their kids. When teens suddenly start using drugs, there will be prompt behavioral changes from their normal lifestyles. However, some of these behaviors may not directly mean that your child is using drugs, they might be associated with other psychological and physical changes.

Warning Signs of Teen Drug Use

Some of the warnings to look out for are: any changes in physical appearance, any changes in personal behavior, how they handle their responsibilities, their money spending habits, their group of friends or sudden change in attitude.

Signs that may be displayed at home

Many teens that use drugs will suddenly lose interest in family activities, prefer hanging out with their friends or alone in their untidy rooms. Similarly, they will not be doing their responsibilities and will break many family rules.

There might be sudden changes in appetite, either an increase or decrease. They might also start asking for too much money, or even steal household valuables. You can also check for any leftover drug remains such as syringes, pipes, cigarette filter or anything related to drugs

Signs displayed at school

The teen may suddenly drop their grades and have a negative attitude toward schooling. This may cause them to sleep in class and probably not do their homework. You will be called often about disobedience cases and poor performance. The teen will forget to inform you about parents and teachers meetings or other programs at school.

Other signs

Drug users often feel insecure and change friends constantly. This may be caused by the sudden mood swings or behavior they portray. They may seem dim, negative, very rowdy, confused or anxious about nothing in particular. If they are using drugs excessively you will notice the smell of alcohol or marijuana in their breath. The drugs can also cause their eyes to be red.

Common drugs available to teens include marijuana, hallucinogens, inhalants, stimulants or depressants. These drugs are easily available and teens may be swayed to use them by their peers. Each drug causes different and diverse effects on the teens.

What To Do About Teen Drug Use

If you notice any of these behaviors it might be an indication that your teen is using drugs. However, this is not definitive. If you conclude that there are drugs involved then you should try to rehabilitate your child as soon as possible.

Lay down simple rules and regulations that the teen can follow. Explain to them that using drugs has worse consequences. In your rules be fair and easy on the teen. While enforcing these laws encourage them to participate in social activities that are fun to them and keeps them busy. If the problem is too big for you to handle get help from a professional.

Are you worried about yourself or a loved one developing a drug problem? At ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village, we are more than happy to answer any questions or provide your family with more information.

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