How to Prevent STDs

Prevent STDsThe rate of STD infection has been on the rise for the past years, a situation that is quite alarming. STDs are infections that are acquired through having unprotected sex, wether anal, oral or vaginal. However, some other things can also be a source of this disease such as sharing towels or underpants with an infected person.

How to Prevent STDs

Sexual partners

One of the most effective way to curb the spread of STDs is controlling your number of sexual partners. Research shows that people who have many sexual partners are at higher risk of getting STDs than those who have a single partner. Many medical practitioners advocate monogamy as the best way of controlling STDs.


Be careful about STD signs

One of the methods you can use to prevent the spread of STDs is simply being cautious about signs of STDs. Be careful to look for any signs of STDs in your partner and if any, then do not engage in sex. Though sometimes it can be hard to tell whether one is infected, look for things like white discharge, soreness or pain in the vaginal area. If you really care about your partner’s and your own health then do not allow the desire for sex to drive you into doing it when either of you is under STD treatment.


This is one of the greatest weapons against STD infections. Be ready to tell your partner about your sexual experience and expect the same from them. Good communication can prevent the chances of spreading the infection.

Avoid drug abuse

Another major problem that increases the chances of getting STD infections is the use of drugs. People who are under the influence of drugs are at a higher risk of engaging in unprotected sex, something that increases the chances of an infection.

Using a condom

This is one of the ways that can protect you from getting a STD like HIV. It should be noted that condoms should be used every time when having sex to be effective. Research shows that male condoms are more effective than female condoms. Another consideration to make when using condoms is that you should use latex or rubber condoms. This is because latex condoms are more effective than natural ones.

One thing to note is that condoms are not a sure way of protecting against infections, but their proper use can reduce these infections. Above all it is the responsibility of every single individual to protect themselves against STDs.

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  1. Jeff Back says:

    Everyone remembers the joking and giggling when we were in 6th grade sex ed, but the truth is that many people end up contracting an STD because of the partner not being honest or because of improper judgment due to drug impairment. Great article for awareness!

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