Common Warning Signs of Alcoholism

AlcoholismAn alcoholic develops patterns over time that might not be noticeable to them but is witnessed by friends and family. A person with a drinking problem, typically, does not realize it until the problem has progressed to an alarming state. These are some of the most recognizable warning signs that you or somebody you know might be developing an alcoholic addiction.

Common Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Losing Control
An alcoholic can get to a point where they start to lose control of other priorities. You will find that the drinking takes over and lasts late into the night or even over the course of several days. Drinking becomes the priority and there is no concern for family or work related duties.

A person who has a couple of drinks socially or recreationally is going to be able to later tell you where they were, who they were with and what they were doing. When a person is capable of carrying on a conversation while drinking yet has no recollection of it the next day, this is a serious problem.

Alcohol Tolerance
A person who is developing an addiction to alcohol builds up a tolerance over time. When this happens, an alcoholic will need to consume larger amounts of alcohol to experience the same effect that it once took from only a few drinks.

Unsocial Drinking
Many people associate drinking with a social activity. A developing alcoholic will often drink alone as it becomes more of a habit. This is no longer an activity that they experience with their friends. The drink itself has become their friend. An alcoholic will frequently stash alcoholic beverages in odd places around their home, car or even at work.

Losing Interest
You will find that many alcoholics begin to lose interest in activities that are not centered around drinking. They tend to move away from hobbies or activities they once loved and towards those activities where drinking is more accepted.

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