How Do I Talk to my Teenager About Drugs?

talking-to-teens-about-drugsIf your teen or preteen is ready to enter middle school or high school, now is a great time to talk to them about drugs. Since talking about this topic to your kids isn’t easy, it’s important to be prepared.

Parents may have already decided that counselors and teachers will warn their kids of the dangers and drugs and therefore decide not to have a discussion at home. But while it may seem like they don’t listen to you, communicating with them about drugs and alcohol is very important. They need to hear about the dangers of drugs from their parents as well.

To ensure that talking to your teen is effective and productive, consider these tips:

Talking to your teenager about drugs

Make sure you are prepared. Educating your teen about drugs and alcohol should be a discussion instead of a lecture. Let them feel free to ask you questions, and do any research together. It’s important they feel they can come to you for more information.

Be completely honest. If you are honest in your discussion, they are more likely to be honest as well. Emphasize trust and an open discussion so they don’t shut down as if they are being disciplined.

Ask questions. Ask your teen about their friends and about their after school hobbies. Make your own inquiries about their activities and make an effort to meet their friends.

Be patient. Being calm and patient will help for a smooth discussion, but it’s important not to sound like a friend. You want your teen to come to you with concerns, but still act as a parent.

Listen. Make sure your teen feels safe talking to you and confiding in you. They may have to experience difficult situations with their peers and will need to know they can come to you.

Having this discussion with your teen is important so they know the dangers of drugs and alcohol and so you can educate them as a parent. For more information about talking to your teenager about drugs, visit your local ARCpoint Labs today. At ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village, we are more than happy to answer any questions or provide your family with more information.

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4 Responses to How Do I Talk to my Teenager About Drugs?

  1. Kids need to be taught lessons, and talking with their parents can provide a number of them.

  2. Is it true that studies have shown the D.A.R.E program has no positive effects on kids? That’s mind-boggling to me. That was always so important growing up.

  3. Mark Hudson says:

    This has got to be one of the hardest subjects to confront your kids about. Timing is everything here, in my opinion. I’ve had success being upfront and knowledgeable about the drugs you are confronting them about. Don’t leave a single question unanswered, if at all possible. Great article!

  4. Jim Riffe says:

    It’s an awkward conversation to have sometimes but it needs to be done.

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