Common Street Names for Drugs – FYI for Parents

drugs-street-names-teenagersParenting a teenager is certainly not a walk in the park. Teenagers are more likely to get into trouble and may find themselves pressured into sex, alcohol, or even drugs. Parents want to look out for their children, which is why it is important that parents have the heads up about the street drugs that their child could be getting into. This guide will help parents understand the latest drugs and what they are being called.

Marijuana is one of the most common street drugs your teenager is most likely to encounter. If you want to know if your child is abusing drugs, they may not refer to it as marijuana because that is too obvious. Some of the street names for Marijuana include: Mary J, Reefer, Grass, Dope, Ganja, and sometimes even herb. This drug may lead to your child not thinking clearly and is considered a gateway drug, or a drug that leads to other drugs. Most teenagers that get involved with marijuana often find themselves experimenting with other drugs.

A common hallucinogen that is used on the streets are Psilocybin, which are known on the street as mushrooms, magic mushrooms or shrooms.

There are also various forms of Methamphetamines that your child may get involved with because they are known to cause illusions. These street drugs are known as ecstasy, EVE, DOM, or TMA. This type of drug is more dangerous than traditional marijuana and mushrooms because depending on the source of this drug, only one hit of ecstasy can lead to an individual’s mental state to be completely damaged for good or can even be fatal.

Since getting drugs isn’t always simple for a teenager, they may turn to depressants because they are a little easier to get their hands on. Nitrous Oxide is a more common form of street drugs that go by whip its or laughing gas. Though to a teenager this mean of getting high may seem like it is harmless, it can do permanent damage to brain cells.

Another concern for parents are the various narcotics that are going around that can be picked up at a local pharmacy with prescriptions that are illegally sold. The most common drugs you will see here are going to be Xanax, Valium, and other downers.

Then you may have to worry about your more common drugs your stimulants and heavy narcotics. Not everyone likes the feeling of being put down so they turn to drugs that bring them up. Some of the most common form of these street drugs are cocaine, which is also known as coke, blow, snow, or even nose candy. Even more serious, your teenager could be getting into crack, which is also known as rock or cookie.

Then there is the most dangerous and most addictive street drug of all, which goes by various aliases such as crystal meth, speed, and crank. This substance is highly addictive of all the street drugs and can lead to poor choices and can eventually lead to death.

Talking to your kids about drugs is important; and it’s even more important to do it sooner than later. If you think your teen needs to be tested for drugs in order to get them on the road to recovery, bring them into your local ARCpoint Lab today or contact ARCpoint Lab of Elk Grove Village.

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2 Responses to Common Street Names for Drugs – FYI for Parents

  1. Dean Prather says:

    It’s important to know the slang names kids may use for these drugs. Gotta keep on top of it!

  2. This is vital information for all parents to know. I think what is most worrisome are the drugs that you can obtain with a false prescription because they give the impression that they aren’t as harmful.

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