Flu Shot – Common Misconceptions

flu-shot-common-misconceptionsThe flu shot or the flu vaccine has been experienced by the majority of the population. It is a vaccination against influenza that is done as often as possible, in some places even annually. This is a really important vaccination because we have different strains of the flu virus each season. The virus keeps sort of mutating into something different over time so it is important to be vaccinated as often as possible just in case the new strain was not catered for in the previous vaccine.

It is advisable that all individuals above the age of six months be vaccinated against the flu. It is more so important for the very young, the elderly and those that are highly susceptible to infection such as health workers. That said, because it is advisable to get a flu shot almost as often as the seasons change, it may cause a bit of uneasiness among some individuals; especially those that do not like injections.

The biggest misconception regarding the flu shot is that once administered, it gives the individual the flu. This is really not true. The vaccine is normally tested beforehand and has to be declared safe for use. Granted, there might be some soreness on the spot where the injection was given. However, quickly following the shot, the body starts building antibodies for the fight. Keep in mind that it takes approx. two weeks to fully take effect.

Some expectant mothers are advised against it on grounds that it may be unsafe for the baby. On the contrary, it is rather important, especially at this stage. The antibodies obtained from the mother to the baby will come in handy once the baby is born and is exposed to the world and its devices.

Take the flu shot much later in the season and its effectiveness will last a bit longer. This is really just a myth. The flu vaccine is designed to last the whole season so it does not lengthen the time it works. Actually, the sooner you get it the better so as to reduce the period that you are vulnerable while exposed to the flu virus.

But maybe you’re thinking that you have had the flu before and survived it, braved it even. Why do you need the flu shot now? What is so special about this time? I will remind you one of the facts about the flu virus. It mutates. It is very likely that the strain you had last time is not what you have this time. Go for the shot to be on the safe side.

Come into your local ARCpoint Lab today to get your flu shot, or call ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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