When Should I be Tested for STDs?

sexually-transmitted-disease-testingSexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have a significant chance of being transmitted between human beings through human sexual behavior (i.e., oral sex, sexual intercourse and even anal sex).

STDs are also termed as Venereal diseases (VD) or Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). Many people have doubts of how often they should go for an STD test. The following are some recommendations on when one should get tested for STDs.

After Sex With a New Partner

STD testing should be done anytime anyone acquires a new sex partner. After sexual intercourse, you are never sure if you have been infected or not, therefore the idea of having the test is actually advisable. Those who have engaged in sexual intercourse with more than one partner may find it in their best interest to have the test as soon as possible.

If Symptoms Occur

STD testing is recommended if symptoms begin to manifest. Itching, penile discharge, foul odors as well as lesion presence in genital areas are some of the STD symptoms. Diagnosis in the early stages is crucial for successful curbing of complications such as infertility that may result from Venereal Diseases, e.g. Gonorrhea.

During Pregnancy

Sexually transmitted diseases that should be tested for during pregnancy include HIV, Hepatitis B, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis. These should be tested during a woman’s maiden prenatal visit to the clinic. HIV and Hepatitis B tests should also be carried out during a pregnant woman’s third trimester. If not tested at third trimester, then it is important to make sure the tests are carried out at delivery. STD testing in pregnant women is important both for the infant and the mother.

Annual Gynecologic Examination

A sexually active woman is advised to have an STD testing conducted when she visits the gynecologist, which should be on a yearly basis. By administering a pap test, the practitioner, in this case a gynecologist, may discover an unusual occurrences that may confirm presence of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). An annual HIV test is also highly recommended.

Therefore, STD testing should be done if its symptoms occur, during pregnancy, before a sexual intercourse relationship, after new sex partners and at a yearly gynecologist visit. STD testing is recommended for virtually everyone and you can never be too safe. Encourage your sexual partners to also be tested as well as any sexually active friends.

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