Synthetic Drugs in Your Backyard

synthetic-drugs-bath-saltsIt may be a surprise to you that even though synthetic drugs are now illegal people are still able to purchase these items at local shops.  The most common are “bath salts” used to mimic the high of cocaine and synthetic marijuana.  Many shop owners who sold these items legally prior to the ban had stocked up on inventory and now offer them by word of mouth to any customer who is “in the know”.  The following article is a prime example of what type of behavior is out there.  We do not know if the owner of the smoke shop was aware of exactly how dangerous these products are, but he certainly knew it was illegal.

Itasca shopkeeper gets probation for synthetic drugs.

Unfortunately we see many of these drugs in the hands of teens and young adults. Many think that because these were once legal to purchase that somehow they are safer.  Even though on the packaging it clearly states “not for human consumption”.  Others use these drugs to avoid positive tests for marijuana or cocaine.  Synthetic drugs have to be specifically screened for and the tests are more expensive than the common 5 panel drug test.  This allows the user to go undetected even during regular drug testing.

Although more expensive, we can and do often test for these synthetic drugs.  It’s a growing problem that many parents, employers and courts are recognizing. Thankfully they are taking the necessary steps to detect abuse and begin the process of helping those individuals.

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