Employee Screening: Why it Matters

pre-employment-drug-screeningThe most cost-effective way to deal with fraud, criminal behavior and drug abuse in the workplace is to prevent them.  And the single best tool employers have to combat these issues is employee screening.  Pre-employment screening, consisting of background checks and drug screening, should be the basic foundation of any hiring process.  The Department of Health and Human Services recent study claimed that employees with substance abuse problems are ten times more likely to miss work, five times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim and are 33% less productive.  The current economic environment we compete in today doesn’t afford employers the luxury of hiring the wrong individuals.  Most successful firms today are those that are finding ways to get more productivity out of the people they employ.  “For every dollar an employer invests in personnel screening, they save five to sixteen dollars in improved rates of absenteeism, productivity, safety, insurance and employer liability.”(Small Business Administration)

Pre-employment screening is only the first step in moving your company towards having a drug free work environment.  Of the 17.2 million current illicit drug users age 18 and over 12.9 million (74.8%) were employed (U.S. Department of Labor).  Random drug screening is the next basic element to ensuring your employees continue to lead healthier lives.  With a random drug screen policy in place, especially for those employees in safety sensitive positions, employers have the tools to monitor a growing business.  Many employers are unaware of the potential savings they can take advantage of when implementing a robust drug policy.  Most workers compensation insurance companies offer discounts in premiums to those that do have them.  These discounts can be as much as 11% resulting in substantial savings and often time off sets the expense of implementing the drug policy. Factoring in all the other intangibles mentioned earlier and a company stands to benefit greatly.

With these tools in place a company can be certain that they are doing what is necessary to put their best foot forward to compete in an increasingly competitive work environment.

Mike Gammel/president

ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village

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