Passing A Drug Test: Advice from the Drug Screening Collector

drug-test-drug-screeningI’m going to start with the obvious here.  Don’t do drugs and you will pass any drug test.  That seems simple enough.  However, if you have taken drugs recently and are worried about testing positive for a looming drug test the best solution is to privately go to qualified drug testing collection center and pay for a simple drug test. They are accurate, they are reliable and most of all confidential.  You either choose a lab based test where the urine is sent off to a lab and you receive results in a few days or you can do an instant test and get results before you leave the center.   Don’t waste money on the store purchased, home based test kits.  For a few bucks more get a quality test performed and be assured of your results.

The reason I advise avoiding the use of drugs and getting your own private test is because the easiest way to know you will pass, is to know your clean before you have to take a test.  There are many substances on the market that are being sold that claim you can “get clean” to pass a test.  Some you sneak into the bathroom with you to substitute for your own urine.  You probably haven’t taken too many drug tests before, but the collector does them all day, everyday.  We know exactly how to prepare a bathroom to prevent this from happening.  More or less we’ve seen it all.  And we will probably catch you.  Some states it is a felony to defraud drug and alcohol screening tests by substitution or adulteration.  Other methods include cleansing products that are dubious at best.  The only way you will know they work is after you’ve taken your test.  Roll the dice!

All drugs have varying detection windows.  Metabolism also adds to the variability of detection from person to person.   We field questions everyday from those who want to know if they will be testing positive for this drug or that drug.  Ultimately, the easiest way to gauge this is to take a lab based test.  If you are positive for a drug we can see the levels of the metabolite in your system and with some level of experience give that person an idea of how much longer they need to stay clean in order to pass a test.

There’s no magic bullet here.  These tests are designed for good reasons. If you are in a position where you have to take one, following the above advice will not only get you to pass your test with a clear conscience but you will also be making the first steps to living a drug free lifestyle.  Not bad right?

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