Non-Alcoholic 4th of July Drinks

non-alcoholic-drink-recipesIf you’re trying to enjoy 4th of July festivities at the office, having non-alcoholic treats is important. The risks of serving alcohol at work will likely prove that the liabilities aren’t worth it. The safety of your business and employees is important, so consider these non-alcoholic 4th of july drink recipes.


Ingredients: Red CranApple juice, White Sobe Pina Colada flavored drink, Blue Gatorade and ice.

Directions: Fill clear glasses with a bottom ⅓ layer of CranApple Juice and then fill to the top with ice. Next, slowly pour Sobe drink and Gatorade directly over ice.

The secret to success is layering the Sobe and Gatorade very slowly and directly on top of an ice cube.


Ingredients: Blue Gatorade, Red Gatorade (or Fruit Punch or Kool Aid), Sprite and ice cube trays.

Directions: Fill an ice cube tray with blue Gatorade and another with red Gatorade to make red and blue ice cubes. Place in freezer until frozen solid. Make a third tray of plain ice cubes. When you’re ready to serve, place 4-5 regular (clear) ice cubes into each clear glass.

Next, add 2 blue and 2 red ice cubes in each glass. Finish by filling the glass the rest of the way with Sprite or another clear, carbonated soda.

As the ice cubes melt, colorful bubbles will swim around to create the sparkling “fireworks”.


Ingredients: Seedless watermelon, pomegranate juice and ice cubes.

Directions: Combine all 3 of these in a blender until you get the right consistency. Pour into a tall glass and garnish with a watermelon slice or blueberries for color.

For more information on keeping your organization a safe and alcohol-free environment, contact ARCpoint Labs of Elk Grove Village today.

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